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How do I set my availability?

The courseUcan booking system requires information on the nature of the appointment and when you are available.

Nature of the appointment

We need to know about the appointment in order to ensure that your customers book you out for the correct period of time. You need to set

  • Duration of the session – How long is your session?
  • At what intervals can participants book? – If appointments are 1 hour, you may only want participants to book at hourly intervals e.g. 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 etc. Alternatively, you may want them to be able to book at 15 minute intervals e.g. 08:00, 08:15, 08:30 etc. Set this time period here. This needs to be set to the length of the session if there are multiple participants.
  • Extra time between appointments – Your appointment may be only 1 hour, but you may need preparation time or travel time. This can be factored in by our booking system.
  • Minimum time in advance that participants can book – If you set this to 48 hours, then participants wont be able to book a session if they are less than 48 hours from the date/time of the appointment.
  • Scheduling window – How far in advance people can book you out. For example if you only want participants to book 3 months into the future, then set this to 3 months.

Set your Availability

Very specific rules can be set to provide your student with almost any combination of dates and times. These are broken down into date ranges and time ranges.

If you only work on certain days, you can check the box to restrict availability to certain days of the week.

To set a rule click ‘New Option’.

  • Range type – choose a rule for a date range or time range e.g. If you do regular sessions on one day of the week, you can set that day of the week and input the times.
  • Participants per slot – default is 1. If you have multiple participants, you can set this here.
  • Are you available? – If yes, then the booking system will allow you to be booked on these dates/times. If no, the booking system will prevent bookings on these dates/times.

If you are available at very specific times, the ‘Time Range (date range) function will allow you to add a date range and times available.

How can I input when I am not available?

If you are not available on certain days, this can be set by adding a rule and setting the availability to No.

How do I add more than one participant?

In the rules for your availability there is an option to add the number of participants. The default is set to one. If you do regular group classes e.g. fitness, then this is where you set this number. Each appointment or session will then allow that number of bookings.

Top Tips

  • Once you have set your availability, check it on your course page. Ensure that the dates and times are appearing as you expect. Errors are usually caused when there is an issue with one of the rules.
  • If you are still having trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced team will review the rules you have set to make sure you can be booked out.
Updated on February 24, 2019

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